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Painting Services

At Total Home and Business we believe that a fresh coat of paint is the best "bang for your buck" when it comes to spending any money on a property.

Facility Maintenance

We deliver a full range of services to our facility customers at a very efficient cost and timeline. This enables us to be very competitive and very well trusted.
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Painting Contractor Ft. Lauderdale FL

Making Property Owners Happy Since 1989

We are a full-service Painting contractor providing quality interior and exterior painting services to residential and commercial clients in Broward County.
We provide interior and exterior painting services. We specialize in painting and repairing homes and buildings in Ft. Lauderdale FL. We have been making home and property owners happy since 1989 and we always do the best job no matter the size or value.

Top Quality Service

As a painting contractor here in Ft. Lauderdale FL we are faced with many difficulties when painting interior and exterior surfaces. Interior painting must be properly cleaned and primed to ensure no mildew is present from the high humidity and to ensure proper adhesion to the surfaces due to condensation and moisture.
Exterior painting is a challenge when we have a constant threat of rain and extremely hot sun. This also causes mildew problems and must be dealt with before applying any primer or sealer. We treat any mildew areas with bleach and water solution to kill the fungus.
We always use top quality materials to ensure adhesion and we also try and work with the customer to choose the proper colors according to sun exposure and the use of the surfaces. As a high quality painting contractor here in Ft. Lauderdale FL we are licensed and insured and can always provide many great references as well as great advice on color selection and materials to fit the job at hand.


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