How Interior Paint Choices Affect Your Home's Property Value

If you are trying to sell your home, you already know that a clean, clutter-free presentation is the ticket to getting the most money at closing. What you probably don't know is that it isn't the only ticket. You can increase your home's value simply by applying a fresh coat of the right color paints to its walls before putting it on the market. The opposite applies here too. Choose the wrong colors and you could lose money as well.

It's true. Although paint color choices are a personal preference, studies suggest a trend does exist that certain colors in certain rooms of a home are more preferred than others. Although it's easy enough for a buyer to change the wall's' colors after they move in, many are willing to pay more for colors that appeal to the masses. By doing just a bit of research before choosing the colors, you could increase the value of your home by up to $5000 at closing. Here's a run-down of some of the most popular colors in interior home decor.

Interior Paint Colors: Room-by-Room

The following list was compiled by Zillow, who viewed photos of thousands of homes sold around the country to determine the correlation between interior color and selling price. Here's what they found.

The Living Room: In this family-oriented space, neutral colors are the best choice. Light gray and other light earthy colors earn sellers an average of $1100 more, while shades of orange dropped values by almost $800.

The Kitchen: If you'd like to increase your home's value by up to $1400, paint the kitchen yellow. Choose a warm shade that creates an inviting atmosphere rather than a bright shade that could actually depress its value instead.

The Dining Room: The dining room seems to be the most regal of all a home's rooms, so shades of purple are a good choice that could increase your home's property value by up to $1200. Stay away from colors like dark gray, though, because you could lose up to $1200 instead.

According to Zillow's study, the colors in other rooms really don't have an effect on a home's selling price. Bathrooms and bedrooms, for instance, are personal spaces that really must be painted and decorated according to the owners' preferences. Buyers often overlook the colors in these rooms.

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