Does Painting Your Ceiling Make Your Room Look Larger Or Smaller?

If you're wondering if painting a ceiling make a room look larger or smaller, then you might be frustrated to hear that the answer is that it depends on the color you choose. The good news is that by thinking about your ceiling at all, you're already doing a lot for your home. Normally ceilings are forgotten about, which is a huge mistake when it comes to getting the most from your home.

Dark Colors Can Make the Room Feel Smaller 

High ceilings tend to make a room feel a lot bigger than it is. Just having that open expanse makes people feel lighter. However, it can also make the room feel bare or unbalanced. If you have high ceilings, then dark colors can make the room feel a little smaller, which can help those inside of it have a better impression of their time within the space. If you have high ceilings that need to be brought a bit more down to earth, then choose a color that is in the medium to dark range, like mocha or chocolate brown. If the room is especially bare, the ceiling becomes the focal point rather than the emptiness of the room. 

Light Colors Can Open Up the Room

Make a room feel bigger when you choose a light color that doesn't contrast with the colors on the walls. If you have a peach color on the walls for example, you would choose a cream color for the ceilings. In contrast, you wouldn't have as large of an effect if the walls were olive green. White can also help you brighten the room as well as enlarge it, because the white will reflect the other colors within the room. You can also paint the walls and the ceilings the same color with the same rules applying (e.g., light will open the room and dark will close it in.)

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