3 Unexpected Benefits of Exterior Painting

When most homeowners choose to paint the exterior of their houses, the reasoning is simple: they wish to make their properties aesthetically pleasing. Undoubtedly, painting the exterior of your home will improve curb appeal. However, there are three additional benefits to hiring a professional contractor to paint the outside of your house.

Home Value Increase

Planning to put your house on the market? Then, don’t hesitate to hire a painter to update the exterior. Your property’s exterior will be the first impression made on homebuyers and you want it to be a good one. Fresh paint on the exterior and interior of the home will increase the real estate value without putting a major dent in your pocketbook.

Provides Weather Protection

Building materials can take a beating during harsh weather. Pounding rain and heavy snowfall increases the likelihood of your exterior sustaining water damage. By painting the exterior, you are making the surfaces water-resistant and preventing mold and rot. By protecting your home against weather damage, you are guaranteeing the inside is properly insulated with heating and cooling systems running efficiently. Exterior painting can also prevent mold and thereby decreasing the frequency you need to power wash the siding of your home.

Extends Life of Siding

When deciding to paint your home’s siding, you are doing more than adding a fresh look to your property. You are extending the lifetime of the home’s vinyl siding. By estimates, siding can last as long as 50 years when properly maintained. Painting prevents wear and tear from environmental factors. Since replacing a home’s siding can be an expensive job, you are saving money by choosing to paint the exterior instead.

Although interior painting can be a DIY project for homeowners, a professional should handle exterior painting projects. For professional house painters or commercial painting contractors, contact Total home and Business Repair today.

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